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We make cakes for any occasion whether it's a birthday, baby shower or just because you want cake (yes, that is an occasion too). We use buttercream and fondant to make each piece of decor for your cake all by hand. 

Ordering a cake with us is easy but there are some things to know! Below you'll find a handy little chart that'll tell you everything you need to know about ordering with us!

Most Popular Flavors

No. 1

We need 2-4 weeks notice for cakes. Whaaat? It's just a cake, that's crazy! It's not JUST a cake. It's a freshly baked and hand decorated edible centerpiece made specifically for you! And because our customers are planning CELEBRATIONS, they plan way in advance. That means we book up quick. Would you try to book a venue or photographer the same week as your party? Nope. Just like them, we need T-I-M-E. 

No. 4

We are a custom cake bakery. Unlike grocery stores, you won't find basic, ready to go cakes here so please don't be upset when we can't accommodate a last minute order. We take pride in our work and aren't willing to rush and slap something together because an event came up last minute. We always have cupcakes and they're basically just individual cakes anyways. Plus you can get different flavors so you're still winning!

No. 2

We only discuss custom orders via email. So send an email to with this info: 

-Phone Number

-Date of event

-Pick Up Time

-Guest count

-Theme/Color scheme/Inspiration pics

-Flavors (Scroll down for the list)

-Other needs such as: cupcakes, cookies, French macarons, etc.

We'll get back to you in 24-48 hours with all the details you need to check the cake off your list. (P.S. Check your spam/junk folder for our response.)

No. 5

We work exclusively with buttercream and fondant to create our cakes! While we do our best to offer reasonable prices, keep in mind that if you want elaborate designs, it's going to cost you $$$ because it costs us $$$$ too. 

No. 3

We've got skills and we use the good stuff in everything we bake (like actually bake, not just take it out of a freezer)! You wont find a .99 cent box of Betty Crocker or tubs of pre made icing in this bakery. So while your mom's friend might make a good cake in her kitchen at home, her dog might also be her taste tester. 

No. 6

Have a food allergy or on a special diet? We offer Allergen Friendly cakes for those with allergies to Gluten, Eggs, Dairy and Nuts as well as special diets like Vegan and Keto. However, we do use ALL of those ingredients in our bakery. While we do our absolute best to avoid cross contamination, it can always happen. We urge you not to use our bakery for your celebration if there is a sever, life threatening allergy.

With so many flavors, it might be hard to choose but when picking the perfect flavor for your cake, keep in mind that not all flavors will work for a custom cake. Some flavors, like Chocolate Peanut Butter, have icing that isn't dyeable and others, like Smores, have toppings that bring the flavor to life. If you need help choosing a flavor that works for your custom cake, we'd be more than happy to assist you!



Red Velvet*




Chocolate Peanut Butter*

Cookies and Cream


Italian Cream

German Chocolate

(* = available in Allergen Friendly)

You are not limited to these flavors! Click here to see a full list of flavors.

Pricing Info


6" Cake

3 Layers of Cake

Serves 10-14 guests



8" Cake

3 Layers of Cake

Serves 12-28 guests



10" Cake

3 Layers of Cake

Serves 21-38



6" & 8"

Two Tier

3 Layers of Cake per Tier

Serves 24-40 guests


D5170A7C-F7B5-4AB1-9FD6-80478B59AC57 - Copy (2).JPEG

6" & 10"

Two Tier

3 Layers of Cake per Tier

Serves 31-52 guests



8" & 10"

Two Tier

3 Layers of Cake per Tier

Serves 35-64



6", 8", 10"

Three Tier

3 Layers of Cake per Tier

Serves 45-78


* Each cake is unique so cakes may vary slightly in height from the ones pictured above.

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