Every day you can find six different flavors of made from scratch cupcakes in our bakery. Every month we create new delicious cupcake menus that reflect the season but we always keep the classics like Vanilla, Red Velvet, Chocolate and Chocolate Peanut Butter on the shelves.

We offer a limited menu of Gluten Free and Vegan cupcakes as well so that everyone can share in the celebration.

Ordering cupcakes is as simple as a phone call! Since we make them every morning, we only need 1 days notice. However, for larger orders we do ask that you call at least 2 days ahead. If you need a flavor for your event that isn't on the menu for that day we can make it but we ask that you order at least 1 dozen of that flavor. For Gluten Free and Vegan cupcakes we also ask that you get 1 dozen of a single flavor.

Popular Flavors

Vanilla *

Chocolate Peanut Butter *

Red Velvet *

Chocolate *

Almond *



Lemon *

Cookies and Cream

Strawberry *

German Chocolate



Italian Cream

(* indicates GF flavors)

This is just a small list of flavors that we are able to make! For a full list of flavors click here. We are always creating new and exciting cupcakes so feel free to call the bakery or send us a message to find out what we've been creating lately!

Pricing Info

$3 single cupcake

$17 per 6 pack

$32 per dozen

$39 per dozen Gluten Free and Vegan

$39+ per dozen Specially Decorated


3624 Maccorkle Ave SE

Charleston, WV 24304



to speak with a baker

Tues – Fri  9AM - 5:30PM

Saturday 10am - 4pm