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No matter the event, we can make a cookie for it! Every Decorated Sugar Cookie set starts at a base price of $30 per dozen. The price increases depending on the intricacy of the design you've chosen. Below is a chart with handy info to help you order the perfect cookies for your next event! 

No. 1

We need 2-4 weeks notice for Sugar Cookies. Whaaat? They're just cookies, that's crazy! They're not just cookies though. We have to make the dough, roll it out, cut out your shapes, freeze them, bake them, decorate them … it's a whole production and we do it just for you! And since our customers are planning big parties, they book well in advance. That means we book quick! We dedicate a lot of time to each customer's cookie order so we can only take so many per week.

No. 4

We are a custom bakery. We don't keep basic cookies on hand so please don't be upset when we can't accommodate a last minute order. We take pride in our work and aren't willing to rush and slap something together because an event came up last minute. We can always make you some of our Frosted Sugar Cookies instead. They're just as delicious and we can ice them in a variety of colors.

No. 2

We only discuss custom orders via email. So send an email to with this info: 

-Phone Number

-Pick Up Time

-Date of event

-# of Cookies Needed

-Theme/Color scheme/Inspiration pics

-Other needs such as: cupcakes, cookies, French macarons, etc.

We'll get back to you in 24-48 hours with all the details you need to check the cookies off your list. (P.S. Check your spam/junk folder for our response.)

No. 5

We use a house made product called Rolled Buttercream to decorate our cookies. It's similar to fondant but much tastier. For details, we use a mix of our buttercream or royal icing. Because we don't work exclusively with royal icing, some designs are not possible or may have to be altered to fit our design style.

No. 3

We've got skills and we use the good stuff in everything we bake (like actually bake, not just take it out of a freezer)! You wont find a tube of Pillsbury Sugar Cookie dough in this bakery. So while your mom's friend might make cookies out of her house, her dog might also be her taste tester.


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